Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome to my spanko blog

Being an avid reader of other spanko blogs, I figured I would end up creating my own at some point. I've got to be honest though - I have no idea how interesting this blog will be. I consider my life to be pretty mundane, and as I am still in the process of figuring out my spanko inclinations, I don't exactly have a lot of insight to offer. Mostly this blog will likely be a way for me to sort out my thoughts by writing, which is something that frequently helps me.

So, I guess I'll start with the spanko part... I've been a spanko for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I can remember being instantly interested whenever someone would talk about spanking. I'd blush and try to pretend that I wasn't really listening. I was too young to know about sex, so I didn't at that point connect the feelings that I had with sexuality. All I knew was that I was totally fascinated with spanking, and that somehow, this made me weird and I shouldn't talk about it. But I was always thinking about it. I can't even begin to estimate how many times I checked The Lonely Doll, by Dare Wright, out of the local library.

I tried to force spanking out of my mind, as I knew it was something "twisted" and that I shouldn't be thinking about. I failed miserably, however, and when puberty hit and the hormones began to rage, I found myself thinking about it even more. I felt a little paranoid that everyone could tell I was a freak, like I was wearing a "spanko" label on my forehead. In my teens, however, I finally got my own computer, and as I've heard so many others say before, I typed the word "spanking" into a search engine, and my whole world changed. I still felt like a freak, but at least I was in good company!

I met my husband as I was lurking in a spanko chat room. He spotted my screen name, checked my profile, which had numerous literary references in it, and instant messaged me. We chatted online for about a year and a half before I finally gave him my phone number. Then we spoke on the phone for about a year and a half before we finally met in person. We got engaged six months after meeting in person. We have been happily married for several years now, and and we've been working on a constantly evolving domestic discipline arrangement that includes spanking in addition to the erotic spankings that he gives me.

In the online community, I lurked on various spanking related websites, forums, and blogs until January 2007. I'd been feeling terribly lonely, since I had no one with whom to talk about spanking except my husband, and so my New Year's resolution was to come out of the online spanko closet and make some spanko friends. It has been one of the greatest things I've ever done. Since I began chatting with other spankos about my thoughts, feelings, problems, etc., I've come a long way toward accepting myself, my needs, and my sexual proclivities.

So I suppose that this blog is to be my personal contribution to the online spanko community. I hope that you will continue to read here, but even more than that, I hope that I will have useful things to say! Thank you for coming. I will be posting more soon.



Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for explaining how your spanking fascination came to be. While reading, I felt as though I was reading about my own life. My husband and I are fairly new to the DD lifestyle. It was something that I kind of brought up to him a few days ago and he seems to be into the idea.
I guess the real reason I am writing you is, I feel lonely. I can't speak with my friends or co-workers about my spanking needs and it would be nice to chat with someone who truly understands where I am coming from.
I found your entry to be helpful and I would like to chat with you. Let me know if you are interested. I trying to get myself out there and finally open up to my own spanko life.
Also looking for someone who can give me some adive on the DD lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I just now found stumbled upon it and I wanted to say that the second and third paragraphs describe my own discovery of my interest in spanking more perfectly than absolutely anything else I have come across online. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

I came across this posting you made in the beginning, and I thouroghly enjoyed it. I identified with a lot of the expieriences you felt as a spanko growing up.
Now that I found the blog, I hope to catch up, and there is a lot of catching up to do I see.
Best wishes,