Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Love My Lurkers!

In some ways I'm still more of a lurker than a blogger. It took me years to begin commenting on other blogs, The Punishment Book being my first in January 2007. That being said, even though I am technically a blogger now, my inner lurker is still in control a lot of the time.

It was really difficult for me to post my first comment. I felt like I was trying to introduce myself to the popular crowd, since I posted on a fairly well-known blog written by known bloggers. Having been a huge dork most of my life, introducing myself, especially when it involves a "coming out" of sorts into a "deviant" community (for lack of a better term) was daunting. But what I found was that the people I began commenting to and chatting with were instantly accepting of me, having gone through the same thing at some time in their pasts.

I'm still a terribly shy person. I still suffer from the strong feeling that I have absolutely nothing to contribute and that no one wants to hear what I might have to say. I'm still more of a lurker than a blogger, so I can understand what it feels like to be in your shoes, dear Lurker.

So what I'm trying to say is this. First of all, I appreciate you. For anyone who reads my posts that I am so very insecure about, I appreciate you. I would love to hear from you. If you're ready to delurk, I will welcome you with open arms. Don't be afraid. There are lots of bloggers who participate with Love Our Lurkers Day, and if my blog doesn't tickle your fancy, then I encourage you to delurk on a blog that does. Just know that you are welcome, you are wanted, and you are appreciated.

I love you lurkers!


Hermione said...

I know what you mean; it's like trying to break into the "in crowd". Well, guess what? We ARE the in crowd!

Isn't LOL day fun?


A.S.S. said...

Enjoy your blog... and think it's a big help to folks that are shy about sharing their interest in spanking.

~Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...



Bonnie said...

Hi Rose,

The great revelation of LOL Day is that we are all lurkers somewhere. Hopefully through this process your blog has been discovered by some new readers. Once they feel reasonably comfortable, they will join in the conversation.

Thanks for joining in!


sixofthebest said...

The majority of us lurkers are just like you 'SHY'. We enjoy our outlets by corresponding with bloggers like you. Keep up your spirits, and you'll be fine for many years to come. If this is any help I would love to spank that bare bottom of yours. A nice over the knee spanking, by raising your dress waist high, taking down your panties, and while you are exciting me erotically wearing garter-belt and stockings, I would blushingly spank your bottom bright red.

Serenity Everton said...

I don't think I qualify as a lurker, but I wanted to say hello anyway.


kannakat said...

Me too, I check in from time to time. Glad to see you on the road again, Rosie!