Friday, February 22, 2008


Ok, I'm still fairly new to blogging so I could be doing something very very stupid...

I've posted comments on others' blogs today, but when trying to post a comment on my own to reply to someone else's, it isn't letting me! I'm wondering now if it'll let me post a regular post. If anyone knows what the heck is up with this, please let me know.


Well, sorry for the boring post, but I'm trying to figure this thing out. Oh, and I guess just so that I can save the text of this response somewhere, I'll stick it on the bottom of this for now.

In regards to comments on "Men in Uniform:"

Sparkle and Chris,

Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to this... my own embarrassment over it has made it difficult.

Sparkle - I'm utterly tickled that out of 741 posts, my blog stood out enough to be worth a read through. That made my day. :)

Chris - Thank you for your understanding. This little issue of mine has been particularly concerning to me because I've recently learned that my neice is also afraid of firemen. A fireman came to her school and she was fine when he was out of uniform, but had a meltdown when he put his uniform on. Also, she's autistic, and from what I've heard, a lot of autistic children tend to hide in closets and under beds during house fires because all of the chaos is too overstimulating to them. So it is really really important to me that she knows to run toward a fireman instead of away. So I know that I need to get this problem under control NOW. How can I help teach her not to be afraid when I so clearly am?
Anyway, thanks to you both. :)


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Serenity Everton said...

Hi Rose,

It might surprise you to learn that the princess thinks firemen are scary, too.

Actually, she's fine when Daddy is in his street uniform (it looks a lot like a policeman's outfit, of course).

The scary part is when he gets out all of his gear and starts to put it on. The boots and turn-out pants, the jacket, the gloves, the hood, the helmet, the breathing apparatus...

About a year ago, we did this, and the princess hid behind me and called him a monster. She *knew* and could articulate that it was Daddy, but he *looked* scary in all that gear.

One step at a time... and we determined that she didn't get scared until he covered his face.

She's a little better about it now, and we have a play fireman's jacket and hat that she's used to play firefighter. I'm not sure how/if it would help your niece, but sometimes that build-up from street clothes to full turnouts, if done slowly, helps to identify the stumbling point. Also, if *she* were to dress up in the firefighter's gear, it might not be so scary for her. That being said, taking her to a station where it is loud and unfamiliar probably isn't the best idea. I don't suppose anyone in your niece's family knows a firefighter who could meet her in a place she feels safe?